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Delivery and Returns

Delivery and Returns

Free shipping on all orders! Taxes included.

Unless otherwise stated, delivery is always free of charge and included in the product’s price as published on our website. Furthermore, the price of items is inclusive of all costs related to customs duties and taxes.

The Products bought by the Client from the Website ( are delivered to the address the Client indicated on the Order Form. Delivery is carried out according to the Client’s selection from the available options on the Order Form.

The Client can monitor and track the delivery on the courier’s website using the details provided to the Client by CHIMENTO once the order has been shipped. The acquired Products are delivered to the Client in specific packaging that guarantees their security and safety also during transportation.

The following is included in the package:

- the Products acquired by the Client;
- the accompanying document attesting transportation and receipt;
- the Warranty Certificate;
- possibly informative and marketing material.

The Products acquired from the Website are delivered to the Client within an estimated fifteen days (15) from the conclusion of the sales agreement as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of Sale. This time limit for delivery is neither mandatory nor fundamental. The Client can only ask for the sales agreement to be dissolved after a minimum of thirty days from order confirmation, once CHIMENTO has been granted an additional fifteen days to take care of possible shipping delays caused by factors unknown or not knowable by CHIMENTO at the moment of Order Confirmation.

The Client is obliged to check the integrity, quantity and type of Products delivered at the moment of delivery to verify that they correspond to the ones ordered, and that the packaging is intact and undamaged. These checks are to be carried out with customary diligence: the Client should immediately inform the courier of any possible defects or irregularities, and indicate these on the delivery note, declining to accept the delivery if deemed appropriate. Once the delivery note has been signed, the Client will not be able to contest the completed delivery in any way.

The Client is obliged to inform CHIMENTO in writing and in good time - not later than fourteen days after the delivery of the Products - of any damages to the Products received. If no such communication occurs, the Products are understood to have been fully accepted.

CHIMENTO cannot be held responsible or charged for delayed or missed delivery either attributable to the courier and/or third parties, or due to extenuating circumstances.


The Client has the right to withdraw from the sales agreement for whatever reason, without having to explain these reasons and without incurring any fines, within fourteen days from delivery of the Product.

To make use of this right of withdrawal, the Client needs to communicate this to CHIMENTO by filling out the designated form that is then sent to This communication needs to include the order number, the number and date of the receipt, as well as the reference number/s of the Product/s to be returned in case of a partial return. Once withdrawal has been communicated in this way, CHIMENTO will swiftly instruct the Client via email how to return the Product which needs to occur within ten days of this last communication.

The right of withdrawal is valid under the following conditions:

- the right applies to the Product in its entirety; it is impossible to exercise the right of withdrawal for only a part or component of the acquired Product;
- the Product needs to remain intact, namely it needs to be returned in its entirety in its original packaging with all its parts included (possibly also including any documentation and accessories: manuals, etc.);
- the Client needs to follow all instructions provided by CHIMENTO for the return;
- shipping costs and any possible customs duties and other taxes related to the return are the Client’s responsibility and will not be reimbursed;
- the Client is absolutely and solely responsible for the shipping of the Product to be returned until it is consigned to CHIMENTO;
- if the Product is damaged during transportation, CHIMENTO will inform the Client within five working days after receipt of the Product so that the Client is able to file a complaint with the courier and potentially get reimbursed. In this last case, the Product will be returned to the Client, temporarily cancelling the request for withdrawal at the Client’s cost;
- CHIMENTO cannot account for damaged, stolen or lost Products being returned with uninsured shipping;
- once the Product has been returned, it will be closely examined by CHIMENTO to appraise any possible damages or tampering that did not occur during its shipping.

The right of withdrawal is lost if the Product is not returned intact (packaging and/or its content), and CHIMENTO ascertains the following condition/s:

- lack of the original external or internal packaging in all its parts;
- lack of integral parts of the Product (accessories, manuals, individual parts and components of the Product);
- any damage to the Product not caused by its transportation.

If the right of withdrawal is lost, CHIMENTO will return the Product to the sender and charge them with the shipping costs, as well as any possible customs duties or taxes.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of personalized or custom-made Products, and any other cases stipulated by article 59 of the Italian Consumer Code. The right of withdrawal never applies if a Product has been handled in a way that goes beyond establishing its nature, characteristics and function.

If the right of withdrawal has been exercised legitimately, CHIMENTO will reimburse the Client with the Product's purchase price within thirty days from the consignment of the returned Product. Shipping costs and any customs duties or reimportation taxes are never reimbursed. The same payment method as used for the purchase is used for reimbursement.

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