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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Metals and Gemstones

18kt GOLD

CHIMENTO prefers using only 18kt gold for its jewelry, which is one of the most pure, but at the same time most resistant, gold alloys. It is therefore ideal for the production of pieces of jewelry of the highest aesthetic quality that last over time.


18kt yellow gold is also called "750" gold. This means that it is composed of 75% fine gold and 25% silver and copper in varying quantities. The specific combination of metals making up the latter percentage determines the color, which is a golden, brilliant, and luminous yellow for all CHIMENTO jewelry.


18kt white gold is an alloy consisting of 75% pure gold and 25% silver and palladium. The characteristic luminosity of white gold is created by the presence of these two minerals instead of copper, as well as a special galvanic rhodium bath for plating.


18kt rose gold is the result of a combination of metals that includes more copper than silver and zinc, and the same quantity of 75% fine gold. This gold variety shines in warm and soft hues.


CHIMENTO only uses natural diamonds for its creations. These are precious and fascinating gemstones that develop hundreds of kilometers under the earth’s surface over millions of years. The company took this decision in order to assure clarity and transparency, as well as continuous research and selection of natural materials of the highest standards, to its clients. CHIMENTO diamonds all come from conflict-free areas.

Jewelry Cleaning


Cleaning gold jewelry does not require any specific products or tools: all you need is a container and a small brush. Fill the container with lukewarm water and place your gold jewelry with diamonds or other precious gemstones in it (please refer to one of the following paragraphs for the cleaning of pearls). Let the jewelry soak for a few minutes and then scrub one piece at a time with the brush soaked in a small amount of delicate soap. Generously rinse it with enough running water and carefully dry it with a soft and smooth cloth.


Silver is prone to quick oxidation when it comes into contact with certain substances like water, salty air, sweat, chlorine, sulfur, bleach and cosmetics. When not worn, silver jewelry should therefore be placed in designated boxes, or small silk or velvet bags. It is important that these containers isolate the jewelry to protect it from oxidizing agents. Whenever your silver jewelry does appear oxidized, it is absolutely possible to restore its original splendor using specific silver polishes that are easily found in the shops. After having rubbed the liquid product on with a smooth cloth, you need to rinse the piece of jewelry with lukewarm water before drying it with a soft and clean cloth.


Pearls are very easily cleaned by simply polishing them with a moist cloth after every single use. You should then place your pearl jewelry in a specific container that separates it from the rest of your jewelry collection so that it does not get damaged through contact with other metals.

Customer Service


If you have any questions or concerns about your CHIMENTO jewelry even after its purchase, our Customer Service team will be more than happy to help you. You can contact us using the form provided here at the Customer Service section.


If your ring is too tight or too wide, you can have it properly fitted at your trusted CHIMENTO dealer. However, to prevent these kinds of problems, we recommend that you buy a ring featuring the exclusive patented Size-Fit™ system (that adapts to up to five sizes) from the FOREVER collection.

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